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Alexa, Google, & Siri… They are all mutual friends of ours. They have permeated their way into our lives whether we wanted them to or not. They listen, they respond, they always have an answer when we need it. They have also been a building block for DIY home automation… but there’s a catch.

Behind the smoke and mirrors, they are leeches of data. Data that can be sold to third party companies to ultimately sell you products based on what they hear. At this point, I’m sure we have all noticed ads that show up after a mention of a “keyword”. This happened again just the other day when I had a conversation with a colleague about air fryers. Not even a few moments later, I find targeted ads in my feed. This can’t be a coincidence! I find this intrusive, and by the way… I already have an air fryer! The cost of having these devices in your home, in your pocket and on your wrist can be convenient, but please don’t go listening in on my private conversations.

This is where Josh.ai comes in. Josh.ai is a voice-controlled home-automation device that listens only when you want it to and keeps your data PRIVATE. The company behind Josh.ai understands how important voice control is and can be, I mean, the biggest names in tech have their own version. Josh.ai’s approach is privacy first which really sets them apart; voice-control the way it should be.

Now, not as well known (yet), Josh.ai is the voice-control component of a professionally integrated smart home eco-system. Most consumers will not be able to purchase a device and set it up on their own. Josh.ai devices require a control system to be in place like, Control4, or Crestron, to be used at its full potential. These are typically installed and programmed by professional integrators, (like Premiere!). At its peak, Josh.ai can control TV’s, lighting, music, video, motorized shades, thermostats, and even steam showers! Its intelligent software can do multiple controls on a single prompt. For instance, by saying “OK Josh, Good Morning”, Josh.ai can turn on all your kitchen lights up 100%, open your shades, set your thermostat just right, and kick on “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. Just what you need to jump start your day. LOL.

In its physical state, Josh comes in 3 types of devices. First is Josh Core, the central brain of the system. Once you have the Core in place, typically residing in the equipment rack, you can now add either a Josh Nano or a Josh Micro around your home. Not to mention you can also access Josh through the Josh App on your phone. Josh Micro is a small but mighty device that can fit in the palm of your hand. It has a sleek aesthetic that would blend in well with any style of room. Its touch controls can either drag your finger to adjust volume control or lighting depending on what command is given. By tapping on it either once or twice, you can turn on an entire scene or shut everything off on your way to bed. The Josh Nano works the same as the Micro without the smart touch controls. Josh Nano is essentially the smartest microphone that’s size is just slightly larger than a quarter and can be placed discreetly on any wall. Both the Micro and Nano come in black or white and are powered by POE.

With home technology showing rapid advances on a regular basis, it’s only natural for voice control to be one the forefront of controlling your homes system. The remotes better watch out! Voice control is the future, and guess what? It’s already here.

OK Josh, you have impressed me!

To learn more about Josh.ai and how it can be integrated into your home, give us a call. We are happy to help.

Rom Pragasa
 Premiere A/V Integration
Las Vegas, NV USA

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