For some, having a TV outside may seem like a strange concept. However, it can be a great way to enhance your outdoor space and make it more inviting for many different situations. Imagine if you didn’t have to miss a minute of the game when you’re grilling up steaks in the summer. You can have guests over to watch and cheer for a better social atmosphere, and having a TV outdoors to stream music or to provide atmosphere for a backyard party makes it more sophisticated and classy.

However, having a TV outside is not as easy as buying any type of television and plugging it into your outdoor power sockets. Regular TV’s are not made for use outdoors, so if you have one out there, you might find that you need to replace it regularly as the screen gets damaged. This is because they are not meant to withstand the elements, such as rain, wind-blown debris, or even the sun. The picture can get distorted, or you might find the unit start to crack and wear down quickly. To use a standard television outside you would need to maximize its brightness to overpower the sun and prevent glare during the day, which would further lead to screen deterioration.

There is a solution, however. You can have your outdoor television without having to worry about damage, fading, poor picture quality and deterioration. Premiere Audio/Video Integration can hook you up with a television specifically designed for the outdoors that will stand up to the elements and impress your guests with its crystal clear picture and sound quality.

Mounting and Installation

When it comes to having a television in the backyard, there is nothing more important than how it is positioned. If you are mostly going to be watching during the afternoon and evenings, then you do not want the screen to be directly in the sun. Many decks have limited space, or because of furniture and power outlets, there may be few options for placing your television. Not to worry, because a Premiere technician can mount your outdoor TV in the perfect spot, no matter what challenges you face, so you can entertain and enjoy without it being inconvenient.

Weather Protection

One of the biggest challenges to having a TV outdoors is the weather. Rain can be devastating for most electronics meant to be used inside. Outdoor TVs are designed to be resistant to the elements, including rain and even snow in very rare cases. The sun and heat are also dangerous to your screen and the components of your indoor television. The light can also cause glares and affect the picture quality. An outdoor tv has no such issues. The screen is protected against damage from the sun, and provides an extra bright viewing surface to overpower the glare and provide the best image possible at all times of day.

Outdoor TVs

Wireless Options

Because of how your backyard is configured, or because you don’t want to have too many wires running outside, you can choose a wireless option for your outdoor TV to make things even simpler. Cable boxes can be bulky, and you may not have a good spot where yours is protected from the elements. With wireless options you can be more free to move your television around, and avoid tripping hazards as well. A Premiere professional can give you guidance and advice as to what your best options are for balancing the reliability of wired services with the convenience of wireless.


Don’t forget about audio. Getting the right sound can be tricky in an outdoor environment where there is no soundproofing and the acoustics can vary depending on what’s happening in adjacent yards or with the birds overhead. The audio technicians at Premiere can install a sound system that will work no matter what, and replicate the feel of being indoors when you are watching outside.

Don’t leave your outside viewing experience to subpar equipment and amateur installation. Call Premiere to help create the backyard entertaining and relaxing space of your dreams with an outdoor TV system you will love.


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