If you are looking for a true home theater experience, then installing a projector instead of using a television is the way to go. If you already have a projector, then you need to make sure that it is giving you everything you need to have that crisp and clear theater experience you are looking for.

Your projector might work fine, but is the picture too small? Perhaps it’s even too big. Maybe, no matter what you do, you just can’t keep it from looking blurry or slightly off. If a projector isn’t working properly it can be incredibly frustrating when your home theater is all ready to go but the most important part isn’t working out.

Mounting a projector can be difficult as well. The angles in your room can make it a challenge to have the projected image direct and true. Many people choose to mount their projector on the ceiling, but using a ladder and manoeuvring your hands around the projector to make sure all the connections are secure is tricky and even dangerous.

Let’s face it, TVs are simpler. There’s usually no need to adjust the screen to make sure it is straight, or match the audio to the picture. If your projector isn’t functioning the way you want it to, then it can be tempting just to drop the entire effort and use a TV, which may serve your purposes but probably can’t give you the screen size and resolution you need.

Professional Projector Installation

The best thing you can do to make your home theater experience perfect is to start with professional help from the beginning. You might have the best image and sound you can buy, but if that image is crooked or not the right size, then your entire experience is ruined. A Premiere Audio/Video Integration expert can properly install your projector and test it to make sure that the image is an appropriate size for your viewing space and perfectly level. All of your connections will be in place and easy to access so that you can connect anything, whether it’s your cable box, modem, laptop, or Blu Ray player.

Projector TVs


You can’t simply get a new projector bulb at your local hardware store like you would for your hallways or room lights. You need specialized bulbs for your unit, and if you don’t have the right one, it will affect the quality. With Premiere, we can help make sure that you always have bulbs that match your projector so that you don’t end up with a picture that’s too dim or even too bright. Projector bulbs can be hard to find for some products, but with Premiere, your needed brand will always be available.

Professional Solutions

Is your projector used for both business and pleasure? Talk to Premiere about how you can use your projector for meetings, presentations, and other business functions from your home. It can be embarrassing when a guest comes to make a presentation and you don’t have the right connection for their laptop, or the image doesn’t display properly. Having equipment that looks messy or takes a lot of work to set up is unprofessional, and wastes everyone’s time. To avoid this, Premiere can give you business solutions that will give your partners, colleagues, and clients the professional experience they deserve.

You have the popcorn and soda, the comfortable reclining seating, and friends and family with you. There’s nothing better than experiencing a great movie or a big sporting event with a large screen and a projected image. Despite all of the amenities, if your picture isn’t up to snuff, it can ruin the entire experience. Don’t take chances. If you call Premiere, we can have your home theater projector set up in no time, and you won’t have to worry about any issues with your next movie night, big presentation, or the big game.


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